Happy end of Halloween!

trade candy=BEST THING EVA good night!


I thought Halloween was a day ago? It’s been month…

I am in USA(20chars)

Yay! A new year has made its way around! Happy end of Halloween everybody! Hope y’all got lots of candy!

I got so much! I got some leftover candy because I was helping until everything closed up. My hoard far extends what the rest of my family has :laughing:.

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Everyone gave out a lot of trail mix :neutral_face:

is this the trail mix?

Lucky, I got no candy :sob:

oof well maybe next year :frowning:

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at least there making sure you are healthy after eating the candy!


Yup. That’s the trail mix. 21 packages to be exact (well, 20 cause I ate one)

Man that a lot of candy, do you want to trade I can give you all of my M&Ms for the snickers.

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It’s a deal! I like m&ms!

can i get the trail mix or no?

Idc, the trail mix is pretty good.

beeeeeeeeetttttttt im down