Hello all new every game clan

My gaming :video_game: clan tag is ใ€๐“ต๐“ธ๐“‹๐“ฎใ€—or [RLX] To be a part of this clan you must have one of these tags before your name in most games if possible and in padlet torn.space is and exception because the brackets are not allowedโ€ฆ good luck all :headphones:

here is the padlet for which you can chat to others in the clan from other place ^w^

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I will mention the realease of my new account when i finish it it will be my clan account and i will be ready to lead all you guys to victory in any game we play

This is my new account and this is my account for this clan ^w^


Be watching like -_- no one is joining lol


my wolfie account can be delted if you want chaiboi i needed different name so i would like it to be deleted plz

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