Help me complete this level

please help me complete this level:
Level 7,Wood Forest
why my hero is died?

hey can you give the specific level like Nine gems example.

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Can you please post your code? And then we will be able to help you. Thanks!

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while true:
enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy
if enemy:

Why does the 2nd time hero have to wait to cleave??

I noticed several problems:

  1. In the enemy variable, you forgot the () after hero.findNearestEnemy
  2. isReady() is a function that returns true or false. When you use isReady on it’s own, it means nothing. You need to use it in a if like if hero.isReady("cleave"): so it checks if isReady("cleave") is true.
  3. The if/else says if there’s an enemy, cleave, else, attack. It should be
if enemy:
   if hero.isReady("cleave"):
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No, at their level, it shouldn’t be that code yet.

@Khoa_Tr_n, you are not indenting your code whatsoever. You must indent everything after while true:, if enemy And else.
I think your code is perfect. You just need to indent it.

When you don’t format your code, it doesn’t indent.

Can you please format your code using the </> button. This way we can see your code in full.



After you click that paste your code!

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