Help Needed! Alpine Rally (javaScript perfered but python okay)

I just can’t seem to beat it. Can someone help me?:

invis = -5
while True:
    if ( - invis > 4):
        if (hero.canCast('haste', self)):
            hero.cast('haste', self)
    if (hero.canCast('invisibility', self)):
        hero.cast('invisibility', self)
        invis =
    # if(not(hero.hasEffect('invisibility')) and hero.canCast('earthskin', self)):
    #    hero.cast('earthskin', self)
    direction = Vector(hero.pos.x + 30, hero.pos.y)
    enemy = hero.findNearest(hero.findByType('scout'))
    #if(hero.canCast('chain-lightning', enemy)):  #  hero.cast('chain-lightning', enemy)

The big key for this level in in the Hints. Pender has a special ability that will help you out a lot on this level that they want you to use.

I noticed that your code is in Python and not JavaScript, curious why you prefer JavaScript when your code is currently in Python.

As a last note to help us help you, please include an explanation of how your code is not working like an error message, or how it is not completing the level so we can quickly diagnose the challenges we can help with.


The big key for every level is to write the code yourself…


It is fully functional but It still won’t work, also brooksy125, did you acually hack into my acount?

FYI, have the:

  • wolf Pup

  • boots of leaping

  • vine staff

  • elemental codex II

  • emperor’s gloves

  • Embroidered griffin wool robe

  • embroidered griffin wool hat

  • glit wristwatch

  • leather belt

  • boss star III

  • Programmaticon v

  • the precious

  • twilight glasses

  • fire opal sense stone

  • Ring of Earth

  • advanced flags
    Is there any thing I need to change to beat the level?

I think you are all good to go

Brooksy didn’t “hack”, you can tell Python by their indents, and Javascript by their brackets

It is functional for other people but might not be functional for you. I really suggest you write your own code, because it is a better bet to write the code yourself so you can see what went wrong and learn in the process. If you just copy and paste from other people, you won’t be able to learn anything.