Help Pick up gold in multiplayer (Javascript)

I was trying to collect gold in multiplayer, I won but I still don’t understand how to pick up gold without going on it with hero.moveXY(x, y) Reply here if you know command but don’t use self.something

If you have the right pair of boots you can use the hero.move() command. There is no “pick-up” command, you simply walk over items.

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You mean just use my boots?

Boots give different move commands, there is a pair that allows you to use jump and hero.move().

I have jump command and I have moveXY and move targetpos

Thanks for your answers :smiley:

Yes. Now using move command, if you have an item, or variable with an item assigned. You just use. hero.move(item.pos); this allows your character to move and do more than one thing at a time.

Thanks for your reply!

No problem mate. Good luck.