Help Sorcerer Blitz!

a = hero.findMyCollectors()
b = len(a)
c= hero.findMyCollectors()[0]

while True:
    if b < 5:
        if i % 2 ==0 and >= 4:
            hero.transform(hero.findMyCollectors()[0], "thief")
            i += 1
            hero.transform(hero.findMyCollectors()[0], "runner")
            i += 1

It’s don’t stop when its already 5 collector and keeps spawning, it only stop when the she has enough mana to cast spell .

this is not a real bug, because if you look in the section what hero.findMyCollectors() does finding the amount of collectors you have is not a option

to figure out how many collectors you have takes more code that I myself can not do yet

I can give you some what you have to do for one way. You have to use code to figure out how many positions there are

So in the first frame your b is some number. Is it a value or a reference, wdyt? Is it mutable or immutable data type? I hope It’s enough hints :slight_smile:

I put it on the while True buts its the same

b's value will never change, as it’s only being defined once outside of the while True loop. hero.findMyCollectors() is just collectors in that certain frame you called the method. So if you started with 3 collectors, b's value will be always 3 because it’s not being updated inside that loop.

Its still the same(20char)

It’s because transformed collectors aren’t registered as “collectors” anymore, hence you’re always left with less than 5 “untransformed-collectors”.
Just doing this code will work(Removing transformations)

while True:
    b = len(hero.findMyCollectors())
    if b < 5:

Ohhhhh ok(20 charssss) but why ?

Hi there, I recently saw that some runners (transformed collectors) are able to hold more than one fruit, as if it is a merger, but instead of merging, it holds them both. Here is a screenshot:

Screenshot 2021-08-23 12.42.51
both fruits move with the runner as it goes to the spawning point

I know how to do that

so it isn’t a bug, how do u do it anyways

yep its the same with this and its not a bug i think

The merger have big fruit

I believe that the merger was able to merge many fruits instead of only 2. Except that the runner doesn’t merge and shouldn’t hold many fruits, can he?

Yup i know how to do that

How? (20 characters)

thats why i ask how to get a specific item
so that the runner can take a specific item in coco like water only

still, how do u do it, i really want to know @Alfa_Jayden_Iskandar