Help with Airbender level

For some reason when my character uses force push on the skeleton at the bottom, the skeleton touches her and then she moves. For some reason, she can’t do the force push any more. So I am trying to make it so she will push the skeleton to the side and then up, so the skeleton does not touch her. Also she always pushes them into one cage and they need to go in seperate cages.

screenshots and code? unfortunately I have lost my telepathic abilities just like (@)bryukh (unless there is some context I’m missing since I haven’t done the level yet)

Also, welcome to the discourse :]


Two things.
First, put this in the level help category. If it’s uncategorized it’s less likely that people willing to help will find it.
Second, you need to include your code and document any errors you may receive. Without that information nobody can help you because they can’t see any problems with your code because, well, they can’t see it.

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Also please post your hero and equipment. That way someone with this setup can play as if they are in your shoes.

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