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Help with clash of clones pls help {SOLVED}

hey guys i need help with clash of clones on desert heres my code and my equipment

self.moveXY(68, 78)
back = 0
while True:
    enemys = self.findEnemies()
    index = 0
    closest_soldier = None
    soldier_dist = 999
    closest_archer = None
    archer_dist = 999
    closest = None
    dist = 999
        distance = self.distanceTo(enemys[index])
        if(enemys[index].health>0 and enemys[index].type != "sand-yak" ):
            if(enemys[index].type == 'archer' and distance<archer_dist):
                closest_archer = enemys[index]
            if(enemys[index].type == 'soldier' and distance<soldier_dist):
                closest_soldier = enemys[index]
                closest = enemys[index]
        index +=1
    if(closest_soldier and soldier_dist<10):
        enemy = closest_soldier
    elif(closest_archer and archer_dist<20):
        enemy = closest_archer
        enemy = closest
        if(<self.maxHealth/2.5 and back==0):
            self.moveXY(40, 85)
            back = 1
        elif(<self.maxHealth/5 and back==1):
            self.moveXY(40, 85)
            back = 2
        elif(self.isReady("jump") and self.distanceTo>15):

sorry that the codes confusing
Any questions about it just dm me or ask me on here

Please send a screenshot and give more information about what happens when you run your code.

Try a high damage bash shield and the simple sword. Your clone can’t use any moves except hero.move, hero.findNearestEnemy, and hero.attack.

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The weaker your hero is, the weaker the clone is. You can try having the worst armor and sword, but get a decent shield with bash. The clone can only use the main attack (which would be your weakest sword) while you just bash him.

should i use no armor and no weopon?

You can’t play the level without any weapon. Choose a weak sword weak armor and a good bash() shield.

my best bashing shield does 74.5 damage

is that good? or should i find a better one

This is good. Just make sure to get the advantage over your clone.

how my frend sent me the code for this cause this is what he used but he completed the game so yea

Wouldn’t that be cheating?

idk i been stuck on the level for a week so he sent me his code but he didnt know what armor he used

Well, use the simple sword with moderate armor and maybe chain-lightning?

what armor did you use

oh you used the wizard oof

Yes, I don’t think that’ll help you too much.