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Help with Deja Brew

Hi everyone

I have problems with this level, its just I don’t know how to resolve it. Anybody can help me?

You haven’t written the next 3 lines. If you are stuck, please read the hints.

I writte this, but i have no idea how to solve it

The problem is that you’re not singing the right lines, you’re singing the same lines 4 times. It says the lines you have to sing in the comments, lines 3-6:

# X potions of health on the wall!
# X potions of health!
# Take Y down, pass it around!
# X-Y potions of health on the wall. 

The letter X represents how many potions of health you have on the wall (the variable potionsOnTheWall. And the letter Y represents how many you take down, which is always one (the variable numToTakeDown).
You don’t have to put X-Y in the last line, as long as you put the code:

potionsOnTheWall -= numToTakeDown

Before the last line you sing.
I hope this helps,