Help with Eventful Skirmish [SOLVED]

I’m trying to complete the combo challenge Eventful Skirmish. Everything works until the point when the pet has to fetch the potion.

The pet will not fetch the potion. I’ve replaced pet.fetch(potion) with something else, like pet.moveXY(50, 50) and that works perfectly. However, when I replace it back to pet.fetch(potion) , it doesn’t work. I’ve tried adding quotations on the word potion , but my pet says “I can’t carry that!” I’ve also re-written the code from scratch, yet it still doesn’t work. Help!

try potion[0] to work because there are lots of potions

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I think that the problem over here is this: potion = hero.findNearestItem() it should be for the pet instead.

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You mean pet.findNearestByType(“potion”)? That doesn’t work, I’ve already tried it.

Does it end up with the same result or gives you an error?

Also, there isn’t a method as such, it either has to be hero.findByType("type") or hero.findNearest(units)

I’ve figured it out, for some reason, it only works when the hero is attacking a character. Maybe he can only drink the potion when his health is low? Thanks for helping!

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