Help with level "Volcano fighters"

Hi guys,
i have some troubles with level “Volcano fighters”. The error message is in line 34 (hero.moveXY): "reads only undefined arguments. I understand the error message, but I don’t know what I could change. I think there might be another error, but I just can’t find it. Can some help me? Thanks a lot!

# Complete the paladin rectangle to protect the village.

# This function finds the left-most unit.
def findMostLeft(units):
    if len(units) == 0:
        return None
    mostLeft = units[0]
    for unit in units:
        if unit.pos.x < mostLeft.pos.x:
            mostLeft = unit
    return mostLeft

# This function finds the bottom-most unit:
def findMostBottom(units):
    if len(units) == 0:
        return None
    mostBottom = units[0]
    for unit in units:
        if unit.pos.y < mostBottom.pos.y:
            mostBottom = unit
    return mostBottom

paladins = hero.findByType("paladin")
# Find the top left paladin with findMostLeft function:
topleftpaladin = findMostLeft(paladins)
# Find the bottom right paladin with findMostBottom function:
toprightpaladin = findMostBottom(paladins)

# Use X coordinate from the top left paladin:
# and Y coordinate from the bottom right paladin:
x = topleftpaladin.x
y = toprightpaladin.y
# Move to the {X, Y} point from the previous step:
hero.moveXY(x, y)
# Continue to shield while the volcano is erupting:
while True:

You need the word “pos” in between the method and the letter_pos.
Do the same for the variable y.

The reason you need to use the word “pos” is because topLeftpaladin is reffering to a unit. If you wanted to you could also change the return statements in the methods and have them say. return mostBottom.pos. That would allow your other statements to work.

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