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help with this exercise


// Destroy the mines!
// Use say to call out the range to the mines.
// Use division to calculate the range.

var enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy();
var distanceToEnemy = hero.distanceTo(enemy);
// Say first Range: distanceToEnemy divided by 3

// Say second range: distanceToEnemy divided by 1.5


// Say these things for motivation. Really. Trust us.
hero.say(“Woo hoo!”);
hero.say(“Here we go!”);

// Now, use a while-true loop to attack the enemies.
while(true) {


What level is this? Please name the level you are working on and any errors that you are receiving. Also, because you didn’t post your code correctly using the </> button, we can’t see the structure of the code. From now on, please post your code from the game using the </> button. There are many people here able and willing to help, but we need some basic information. Help us help you. Thanks.


is the exercise or level 36 long range division.
in the backwoods forest.
Do not know how to solve this exercise


You haven’t asked any questions either – we aren’t just going to tell you the solution. Is there a specific question you have about this level?