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請問有沒有人知道 Hero class 程式碼寫在那裡, 我找不到呢!

請問有沒有人知道 Hero class 程式碼寫在那裡, 我找不到呢!
Can anybody tell me where is the hero class? I didn’t find it.

你说的这个 hero class 是什么。
欢迎你来到 forum!

  • Lydia

Can you please not revive dead topics unless you have a similar issue? The person that asked have not been active for a while and there is a great chance that that person will not see your reply.
(除非您有类似的问题,否则您可以不恢复死话题吗? 被询问的人已经有一段时间没有活动了,并且很可能该人不会看到您的回复。)


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OK :upside_down_face: