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Hey ambassadors


Hey ambassadors. I am pretty new to CodeCombat. I decided to pick ambassador so that I can help others and learn more at the same time. I am just adding this so that ambassadors can help each other and think of ideas to improve CodeCombat. Good luck with it and hope we can improve CodeCombat.:grin:


Hey guys. I am having problems with a level called “Thunderhooves.”

Here was the code I wrote.
yak = self.findNearestEnemy()
if yak:
if .yak.pos.y<self.pos.y:
self.buildXY(“fence”, yak.pos.x, yak.pos.y - 10)
if yak.pos.y>self.pos.y:
self.buildXY(“fence”, yak.pos.x, yak.pos.y+10)

      self.moveXY(self.pos.x + 10, self.pos.y)

It looks logically, but I am actually failing with this code. Tell me some solutions.


Also, I know that the code after the loop has to be ahead of the loop, but I just could not get it to code.


The first buildXY instruction does not a proper if guard. What are you trying to do here?

if .yak.pos.y self.buildXY("fence", yak.pos.x, yak.pos.y - 10)

Format your code by putting three back quotes on an empty line before and after your code.



Oops. I made a mistake. I was suppose to write down

if yak.pos.y<self.pos.y:
   self.buildXY("fence", yak.pos.x, yak.pos.y -10)

Sorry about that.


You code basically says:

if the yak is bellow me:  #yak.pos.y < self.pos.y
    build a fence bellow the yak  #yak.pos.y-10 


Yes. That is what I am trying to say. Maybe I did a typo or something.


Yes. I GOT through the level. ThanksAdrianCgw for the help.:grinning: