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How can kill "sand yak"?


for example it has bonus to kill one of them in “sarven rescue” but it is very hard and near impossible for me to kill one of those mighty beast


Correct. It’s only going to be possible if you are super creative or are super powerful. Thats why it’s an optional bonus.


It is possible though. I won’t give anything away, but I’ve succeeded in killing the yak using two different strategies.


i kill too but need some of those random Potions. it is hard and when i used “electrocute” it not help to kill big enemy. but what happen to jumping boot i cannot find it anymore?


I feel your pain. I’ve tried to go the super powerful route and that hasn’t worked. So next I’ll try the “super creative” (which I figure will involve getting to a helpful potion.


I just checked out some of the new weapons in the store, they do some serious damage. I think if you pick the right weapon you can easily take care of the sand-yak now, especially if you sneak up from behind.


Are their boots that grant “sneaking”? Because it always seems to turn around and bash me when I approach from behind.


Nope, as far as I know you can not sneak.

I heard the newest champion has a hide-ability, but I don’t know if and how this works.


In order to backstab something that isn’t distracted by something else, you’d have to use Naria’s hide ability, otherwise it would just turn towards you and it’d be an ineffective front-stab. I think other items that will come soon will also help enable backstabs, like the Glitterbomb (blind your enemies, then move in for the stab), or getting them while they’re fighting an ally.