How do u get ur enemys type?

the title says it all

Should be like this:

enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
if enemy:
    enemyType = enemy.type

That’s it!

That would work if you knew which enemy was the enemy hero, but you can also tell what the enemy type is just by looking at them (if you know what the types are, of course.) For example nalfar is “necromancer”, senick is “trapper” and tharin is “knight”. You can find out all the types by doing what @OgreDestroyer130 said, maybe with all the enemies instead of one, and once you know all the different types you won’t need to find them out again, you can just tell by looking at the hero.
Or if there’s one specific type you want to know I can tell you.

If enemy.type == “munchkin”:

I think it should be like this in Javascript:
var enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy;
if(enemy) {
enemy1 = enemy.type;

And to attack it…

Pls format ur code correctly

ohh…sorry for not sending it correctly

That is ok let’s not get off topic

I want to do the enemy heros type like @Deadpool198 deadpool198 does in dueling grounds

I want to know how to find just the enemy heros type for duels and so I dont have to write everything

I wamt to know about the enemy heros type sorry not the enemys type

I do not remember, but if he uses Senick his type is “trapper” or smth like that.
You can also find the strongest enemy, and it will be the hero, if it’s not Pender who summons burls.

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or a 3 hp person with soldiers LOL

how do u do that again? I forgot lol

Did you complete all the levels? You can look somewhere in the end of the desert.

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I reset to speedrun using nalfar sooooo

enemyHeroType = [enemy for enemy in hero.findEnemies() if in ["Hero Placeholder", "Hero Placeholder 1"]][0].type

Well, yeah, you can do that too and that will be the easiest way I guess.

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thanks alot!

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