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How to avoid the cow in harrowland


My herrow always be attacted by the cow not the other enemies.
I have tried many times but failed .hope some one give me some ideas.thanks.


Try to exclude the “cow” (by the way, it’s a yak):

if enemy.type != "sand-yak":
    # do this and that



yes, you are right. I have done, failed the are my code :smile:

loop {
var friend=this.findNearest(this.findFriends());

 var enemies=this.findEnemies();
 var enemy=this.findNearest(enemies);
 if (enemy.type != "Sand-yak") {
     if (this.isReady("bash")) {
     else if (this.isReady("cleave")) {
     else {
 else {



Try to replace the capital ‘S’ with a small ‘s’ in sand-yak


thanks, I have successfully to pass it :smile: .however it said that : Line 38 Cannot read property ‘type’ of null.
What does it mean?


Although I cannot see what’s on your line 38, I guess this happens because there are no more enemies, and so var enemy=this.findNearest(enemies) is null, thus the expression if (enemy.type != "sand-yak") tries to read the ‘type’ property of a non-existent enemy, null.

Make sure you check if there is an enemy: add an if enemy statement before that, and you should be fine.


Thank you for your good ideas. :smiley:


u can use a one liner doing both the if statements:

if enemy and enemy.type != "sand-yak": 

Note that the sequence of two if arguments is important. The if statement is checking for enemy, and then type not equal to sand-yak… other way around:

if enemy.type != "sand-yak" and enemy: 

will cause problem if there is no enemy (by checking enemy type first when there is no enemy)