How to get palisade?

I am on the Rational Defense level and here is my code

# Protect the peasants.

# Move the peasants away from the woods.
def hideUnits(units):
    for i in range(len(units)):
        unit = units[i]
        hero.command(unit, "move", {'x': 34, 'y': 10 + i * 12})

# The peasants know the order in which to build the traps.
peasants = hero.findFriends()
buildOrder = peasants[0].buildOrder
separator = ","
# Split buildOrder with a comma (",")
# and save the result to the variable "types":
types = buildOrder.split(separator)
for ty in types:
# There are the same number of peasants as types.
for index in range(len(peasants)):
    peasant = peasants[index]
    x = 16
    y = 10 + index * 12
    # Get buildType by index from the array of types:
    buildType = types[index]
    # Command the peasant to buildXY the buildType at x and y:
    if peasant.type=="peasant":
        hero.command(peasant, buildType, {"x":x,"y":y})

# Watch for enemies and move peasants when ogres attack.
while True:
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    if enemy:

# Fight the ogres:
while True:
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    if enemy:

It is failing with it does not have palisade. How do I get it?



I haven’t done that level, but after looking at your code I was wondering if maybe what’s happening is that the peasants start building when you call the for-loop, and then the code proceeds into your first while-loop, which has your hero disperse them if an enemy shows up, but never calls them back.

(I also don’t think it should be terminating, so I don’t think you’re even getting to the second while-loop - is your hero attacking the enemies? If he’s not, then this may be the problem.)

If I’m right, the basic story is that you need a way to get your hero to attack in the same loop, and then, when there aren’t any enemies, to command the peasants to get back in place.

Hope that helps!


The problem is in the command build it’s supposed to be formatted like

hero.command(peasant, "build", "whatever type needed to build", x, y)


hero.command(peasant, "whatever type needed to build", {"x":x, "y":y})

Its actually:

hero.command(peasant, "buildXY", "whatever type needed to build", x, y)

Thanks it was helpful!

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