How to help advance the support of Io


I recently discovered that codecombat is supporting Io as an programming language. As a big fan of the Io language I would like to try helping to advance the support of Io in codecombat. I guess I have to start getting myself familar with the build environment and Aether. As a start I will setup my build environment for Linux as described in Any other pointers where I can read more details about changing and testing the transpilers.



While not necessarily always a source of superior knowledge, there are often a few guys on the HipChat who can and will help. Look out for Nick, Popey or Rob Blankaert (we have multiple Robs).

Hi Alex! Glad to have your help; Io definitely needs it, as its parser is not really finished. Actually, before even setting up the CodeCombat build environment, there are lots of extra things to add in the Io parser, which you can fork from here:

You can see there that there are some core parts that aren’t done. Figuring out how dariusf’s code works, adding tests for some unimplemented features, and then implementing them would be the next step. You can post issues in his repo if you want to get his input, or you can join our HipChat if you’re running into issues (since the parser writers for three of the other languages hang out there).

Thank you J_F_B_M and Nick.

I forked the git repo of dariusf. You can find my repo at:

I got the parser running locally and I’m currently trying to figure things out. My first goals
are currently to get the while and the for loop running.

I already fixed the “=” operator, which was not working.



Awesome! I’ll switch Aether to using your fork going forward so that we can start to see these improvements in the game.