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How to i beat Village Guard?


HOW!!! CAN I PLZ HELP ME!! I Need this help so plz help me


Seeing your other post, I assume you’ve already solved the issue.

In the future, please provide more details—post your code (correctly formatted) and explain what is not working as you would expect. Help us help you.


Like @UltCombo suggested. Please tell us what is wrong with your code or what is happening. Phrases like “i need help” or “i can’t figure it out” don’t give us any luck at figuring out what is wrong. Also if you don’t know this already, we don’t give out the correct code. It takes away the learning experience. The purpose of the game is that you learn how to program. It takes that away when you give put the answer.


I am sorry Luke10 and UltCombo i will provide more details.


hi so do you need help


are we aloud to give spoilers?:open_mouth:
i will if you guys say yes


No Spoilers Allowed Ok


sure i wont give any


Thank You very much i am sorry i said shut up


what is your code?:relaxed:


i am not allowed to tell u


ok so its not a code problem


so you need help to solve it or did you solve it already:neutral_face:


@Blaze You are actually allowed to show your code, as long as it is code that you need help with and it is not an already working solution.





you are right Steven_Kang2003


ok so u have the code
you can post it if you need help


so you can upload now O.K
just copy and paste and take a screenshot