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How to predict missile landing


I do not know JavaScript, but have some expirience at programming languages.
Does there any way to get my own missiles from artillery in brawlwood? Or at least what a formula to calculate their arrival time and dispatch it througth this.say() method. It is non linear to distance.
And another question - is it possible to dodge other types of missiles and how looks objects returned from this.getEnemyMissiles() method?


Hmm, you’re right that there should be some way to get friendly missiles, but I haven’t made it part of the API, just getEnemyMissiles. I’ll add an issue here:

I did hack together a solution for that level where the artillery say when they’re going to shoot and where they’re shooting, and then the other units keep track of where shells will land so they can dodge at the last second. But that’s pretty complicated, to use the say/hear callbacks like that.

It is possible to dodge enemy missiles. If you want to see their API, you can get a variable in your code referring to an enemy missile, then hover over it to inspect it.


But can please share how to calculate time when missile reach it target? When using more than one artillery unit it is better to bomb area at same time to make dodging it much harder.


Artillery shells always take 3.4s to land.