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I am really stuck at Backwoods Forest 11/45 Peasant Protection!


I am really stuck here! Helpful advice would be extremely and amazingly would be very helpful! Please tell soon (ASAP)

Thanks from MuchingBrotatoToday

Just the picture of the part I am stuck on.

Thanks for checkin’ out!


Try this

enemy = self.findNearest(self.findEnemies())
distance = self.distanceTo(enemy)
if distance < 10:

    self.moveXY(40, 37)


Umm… I am not really sure that would work. :frowning:
Because you spaces wrong so it was only looping that 1 line


We generally do not hand out solutions.

If this is your homework:

We especially do not give solutions so you can do your homework the lazy way (just saying, may not apply to you)!

What we will do is help you with your code. Please post what you’ve already got, describe what you want it to do and what it does instead. Read the FAQ to see how to post your code correctly.
We will then tell you what might be the problem in your code and how to solve it. Usually you get some tips and tricks as Bonus added on top.

(Also: Helpful advice is always helpful, you might want to read your first post again :wink:)