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I cannot pass Dread door level


i try the codes it gives me but it wont work please help


What programming language, and what have you tried? You need to attack(“Door”) in a loop. There is a problem with it currently in Lua, but I might be able to fix it today, since an Archmage has contributed a patch that could help.


I am also having problems. I was using Lua initially but I switched to JavaScript to see if it would work and I get this


Hello, I also have problem with this level. I’m playing in lua course. My loop looks like Billboard’s code (attached img). Any sugestions how to skip this issue or information when it will be resolved ?


We thought we had the fix, but it looks like we’ll need a bit more work on it. I’d play this level in JavaScript for now. After you switch to JS, make any change to the code and then hit the Reload button in the upper right to get the default JS code instead of the Lua code.