I cant see what s wrong with my code in don't rush stay quiet

This is my code:

Dodge the cannons and collect 8 gems.

Watch out, cannons are ready to fire!

Move slow along a special pattern to confuse them.

This function returns a value from 0 to 30 (0 <= n < 30)

def mod30(n):
if n >= 30:
return n - 30
return n

This function should return a value from 0 to 40 (0 <= n < 40)

def mod40(n):
# Use an if-statement to return the correct value.
if 0 <= n < 40:
return n

You don’t need to change the following code:

while True:
time = hero.time
x = mod30(time) + 25
y = mod40(time) + 10
hero.moveXY(x, y)

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So look at the mod30(n) function. You need to do exactly that for the mod40(n) function, except you need to replace the number 30 with the number 40.

look at


think about it. Your just cheking the same thing but with a grader number.Its basically the same function

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Altough if you do need more help check this topic :

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Jul '19 - I’ll direct you to another post that is having the same issue. Don't Rush Be Quiet Don’t Rush Be Quiet Hi @Xuan . I think you might be overthinking this level. The mod40() function should be exactly the same as the mod30 function but with 40 instead of 30…

Thanks! the code works!

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