I just got my flower ring which could draw things on the ground,however,i don't understand how!



i cant be stucked here for another 20years!!!

i just don’t know how to do it !!!

nothing is clear to me in this level…

am i too shame because that i really don’t get it …



this is the level link

Please watch your tone. Nobody is too shame.

On the lower-right there are all functions of your equipped items, also for your Flower-Ring.

Coincidentally you can see the available functions also in the item-selection screen. When you click on the item you see the functions on the right, even with description.

Use this for your current and future problems.

I don’t understade and I have the same Q :sweat: :stew:

  1. Click on the level to start.
    The inventory selection screen appears, equip the flower ring

To draw a line from 20,20 to 30,20
2) Use