I need help on level "Stranded in the Dunes"

I tried a lot of stuff but it did not work!!!:slight_smile::ribbon:

What is your code? More importantly what did not work. What do you want suggestions or guidance in?


// Go to the far right edge of the level to find new areas.
// Check the guide for more details.
loop {
var enemy = this.findNearest(this.findEnemies());
var flag = this.findFlag(β€œgreen”);

if (flag) {
if(enemy) {
    var distance = this.distanceTo(enemy);        
    if (distance < 5){ 
         if (this.isReady("cleave")) {
         } else if (this.isReady("bash")) {
         } else {


I donΒ΄t know what is wrong in the code

Is the code giving a syntax error or simply not functioning as expected. If it happens to be your attacking I can see one potential problem. Your hero will only attack enemies if they are within 5m any where. It may be better to set up an if (distance < 5) for bash and cleave while adding outside of the if statement your normal attack: this.attack(enemy)
I neither have access to the level in question or your programming language. My apologies.

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