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I need help on Siege of Stonehold

wont it be easier with

(Did any of this work @calvin )

I believe you need polished sense stone to check for your hero’s health.

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well good luck solving this
I need to study for my French Finals that is tomorrow

P.S Hope I helped in solving this level :grin:

this is if you dont have a very good sense stone, can you post your equipment pls? I think we will have a better clarification if you do

equipment is key for these world liking levels


*remebers how i spent 2 weeks on clash of clones and the key was simply a cleave sword *


yes and this is about Siege of Stonehold

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Man I remember a little bit of this level…

Not always. I didn’t try this strategy, but you may go to wizard and be always healed so you wait when ogres kill all your friends and then they go to you and you attack and cleave them and wizard heals you.

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