Help on any Levels for CodingGeek14

I am very stuck on Siege of Stonehold.
I will post my code later.
If anybody that has solved this already post their code for me to try out, this will help me more and I will appreciate you for getting me back on my feet after 8 months of inactivity.

My problem is surviving and a strategy.
Here is my code in case you feel it needs alterations:

while True:
    flag = hero.findFlag("green")
    if flag:
    elif enemy:
        enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
        if hero.isReady("cleave"):

I believe it’s correct but my strategy of occasionally healing does work - my latest attempt nearly defeated the ogre assault - there were 2 - 5 ogres left and I survived but ran out of time. Any other stratgeies will be appreicated.


Delete one hero.attack enemy so you have better mobilization

I tried but I still failed to get further.
Any other suggestions or codes that can secure me victory?
I am a GCSE student so have limited knowledge.
Thanks for the input

Do you have a shield? If so, input hero.shield() somewhere in there.

Thanks for the input, ducky
The shield had no effect - I still died and some ogres were left.
Anything else?

Well, do you have anything else that could possibly do damage? A bash shield?
I recommend you do an if hero.isReady(“shield”): hero.shield() sort of thing implementing the other damaging thing, so every other time you aren’t attacking, you’re shielding. Of course, don’t rely on only me for help.

Also, should I remove the hero.shield()?

ducky, I am not relying on you - it’s just that I am out of ideas on how to win this level.
If your latest idea doesn’t work, we can try again tomorrow.

Wait-I’m loading up my level

Maybe if you can afford it, a one hit kill weapon?

Here is a screenshot of my level - including code:

Also, I only have 18 gems.

Try a bash tactic. If you want you can take away the shield.

Have you tried summoning units? Try that.

How do you summon units?
Also, bash tactic didn’t work.


Also, should I try hero.findEnemyMissiles() as I get killed by all sorts of weapons?

Maybe try moving around.

Tried that in previous attempts - failed. I am trying summoning units. If failed, I will log out as I am going to bed soon. and will try tomorrow 12:00. If success, I appreciate your efforts to help me.
P.S. Can you please bring other users in so I can learn from experience?

Hey @Deadpool198, @Luke10, YOU’VE BEEN SUMMONED