'I think' I have found a bug (javascript) (SOLVED)

Hello, I am playing a new level called “crossroads” and I have written my code well, the problem is that it does not work, it does not enter the else if conditionals, sometimes yes and sometimes not, I do not know what the problem is or how to correct it , any ideas?

I think that for this level it would be useful to use a case switch instead of an if - else if.

I read his comments and his opinions, maybe I am wrong, I hope they help me, greetings…

javascript code:

//Private code (already solved)

As you can see, I just completed the level with the same code, this is a notable bug!
I have kept the same code of the post and everything the same, after pressing 5 or 8 times submit this has been completed and it has worked.

please change this topic to level help and click the solved box next to a random comment.

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@Matignacio, if your code works, please delete it. We can’t have people cheating.

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I just removed the code and marked the title as solved

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You are using a very slow hero. I would guess your hero was too slow to place the traps in time, in which case the problem is with your equipment, not the level.

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You’re right, that hero is too slow… When it happens again I will try to change the hero

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