I think level"Hold for Reinforcements" has bog?

i think the reinforcement force instead of support attack peasants.

could u please describe yout bug a little better? Its hard to understand what u mean. If its possible, a Picture or sth like this would be great for debugging

“He’s” right, if you go play the level, when the reinforcements arrive, the first thing they do is kill the center peasant, then start attacking and are attacked by the previous archers.

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wicht language are u programming? I use Phyton:
@nick while the last wave, some arches spawn directly in the middle of the friendly troops. its nearly impossible, even with high eq to save all peasants. Is this a Bug, or should it be like this?

@Arash @Vlevo is this the Bug u mean?

hi, yes, it is. but i think it should be the mistake in object definition they must be friends not foe

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This should be fixed now. :smile:

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Hi people, I’ve just run into another bug. I submitted several times and there were no incoming enemies at all.

My knight had to have a lot more health. I think thats most peoples problems.
Anyway here is my code, I used flags at the bottom of the alleyways.

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