I'm catching up on my IXL Math and I need help with a math formula

Find the base, height and area of the triangle.

base: 2.9 mm


area: 4.35mm"sqr"

Use the formula:

area = 1/2 * base * height

4.35 = 1/2 * 2.9 * z

4.35 = 1.45 * z

3 = z
I don’t know how to use the formula. This is the only forums I know.

What you do is times the base and height together, then half it

I know that, what I need is help on how to find the base height of the triangle.

Kk. The base is always perpendicular to the height. What ya do for the base, you choose a random side, and the height is the distance from base to the highest point in the triangle