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Interactive advanced user tutorial?

Hey guys so I happened to take a look at a user’s profile and saw that they had the Licensed badge. Its description…

“This badge is granted upon successful completion of the interactive advanced user tutorial. You’ve mastered the advanced tools of discussion — and now you’re fully licensed!”

What and where is the Interactive advanced user tutorial?

I hope this is not a dumb question…

I remember not being able to find that as well, but I can’t remember how I did do it in the end…
Sorry, maybe @Chaboi_3000 will know.
:lion: :lion: :lion:

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Thanks @Deadpool198……
@Chaboi_3000 do you know?

Hey there Luke10!
There are two “Tutorials” i know of, the normal one and the advanced one.
You start the normal one more or less once you’ve created an account on this discourse (the discobot message you recieved in the pm’s right after the creation of an account and logging in)
After that tutorial, you can reply him with “start advanced tutorial” (without the ") to start the advanced tutorial.
I hope it’s the one you asked about.
For more information on “commands” for that bot, reply to his private message with “display help”.


Thanks @Shurutsue.

I joined before the discobot. It was an automated message from a moderator. How do I message the bot?

Simply message it through here.

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Thanks @Shurutsue and @Deadpool198!
I completed it!!

Thanks. I was wondering the same thing after you showed me the first tutorial.

I posted the link to the discobot in a topic.