Interception HELP

I do JavaScript…

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I sholda wrote PYTHON at the top

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yeah sorry about that…

I will just figure it out thank you!!!

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@ZAX155 could you help since you know python and you are like the only on thats here?

what is your code @Pameleen

Its at the top look…

this is the code…

you need to find all of tour freinds and stay close to them all and whenever a monster comes out you need to defeat it that is the purpose of this level

why are you putting / 2 @Pameleen

is this before mountian i dont rember since i havent played in a while

its in the desert and read what the comments say

what did you post
this is what i see

look at the top where @Pameleen posted the picture

try this code

while True:
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
    friend = hero.findNearestFriend()
    # Calculate x by adding friend.pos.x to enemy.pos.x
    # Then divide by 2.
    # Check the guide if you need more help!
    x = (friend.pos.x + enemy.pos.x) / 2
    # Now do the same for y
    y = (friend.pos.y + enemy.pos.y) / 2
    # Move to the x and y coordinates you calculated.
    x = ("tower".pos.x + peasant.pos.x) / 2
    y = ("tower".pos.y + peasant.pos.y) / 2

dont just gve her the answer @Code_Master

Ooops, just realized that…

delete your post please

I edited…

okay that is better and i will use yours to help her