Is the Mountain area for adventures?

Is the mount area are the area for adventures or are the levels already finished?

I just ask to know what to expect :wink: . I feel like its not that balanced as the lvls before. But maybe its just to difficult for me :slight_smile:

Depends. Most levels are free for all, 4 levels are just open for adventurers.

To the balancing issue: While Cat of course does her best, there simply isn’tisn’t enough feedback as few players ever reach the mountains, and even fewer report back about the levels (I have to admit that I just play them and at most report bugs. I take it as payment for the moderator-job :stuck_out_tongue:).
So it is just natural that the levels might be a bit off difficulty-wise. Feel free to give feedback, the worst that can happen is that the levels stay the same.

So you want to tell me I can be proud I came there in just 12 days ? :wink: