Is this a bug or? Oasis - Desert Campaign

Opened the level and this happened.

This does not effect the level, but is confusing. You can put in code and beat the level fine but the ‘Fix Your Code’ statement is like “Hm, what?”

Hmm, that’s weird. Do you still see it? If so, I wonder if you can open the Chrome console and see if there are any more details in the JS error logs about what read-only property it was trying to assign, where?

No, I do not see it anymore, I only saw it that day…

i still have the same problem except it won’t go away

it also won’t let me use the loop it doesn’t say there are any errors but the loop won’t work and i have the code in right

it’s really confusing D:

Post your code or a screenshot here, so we can see the problem.

x = self.pos.x
y = self.pos.y
enemy = self.findNearestEnemy()
if enemy and self.distanceTo(enemy) < 10:
# Move to the left by subtracting 10 from your X coordinate.

    # Move to the right by adding 10 to your X coordinate.

it has no blue spot before the loop so the commands aren’t on the line and i try to make it work but the loop command won’t work at all (btw how do you take a screen shot?)

it looks the same as the picture above

i have a problem with desert can we start this argument in another thingamabob

i mean desert combat

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