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[JavaScript] Desert levels code samples don't declare variables properly


The variables x and y are used without the keyword “var”. This is bad practice and should not be encouraged by the sample codes.


Thanks for noticing that.

Sadly this sometimes slips through, but luckily there is one person that can help:


Yes, we need you! Quickly jump to the level-editor and fix the sample-code yourself! Propose it today as a patch and get a free achievement! (I’m actually not sure on the achievement-part…)

Back to serious, try to get yourself familiar with the level-editor. Not only can you fix problems like these but also create your own awesome-levels.

You just need to be logged in to the CC-Page, select the level with the wrong sample-code and select the Hero-Placeholder to change the sample-code. Sadly you didn’t tell us which level has the bad code so we can’t fix it our-self.


Ok, I submitted the changes on the levels I played so far. I will keep an eye to other problems.



OK, addition of “var” to default js code for Medical Attention, Sarven Road, and Oasis accepted. Thanks!