[JS]What in Carnation bugged?

My code is as follows:

drawSpokes(redX, 10, 3, degreesToRadians(270));
drawPolygon(redX, 10, 6, degreesToRadians(270));

drawStar(whiteX, 6, 7, 3,degreesToRadians(90));
//drawSpiral(center, size,  number of loops, start angle)
drawSpiral(whiteX, 15,  1, degreesToRadians(270));
//drawSpiral(center, size,  number of loops, start angle)
drawSpiral(whiteX, 15,  -1, degreesToRadians(270));

My output is as follows:

I left the draw spiral code in the pic in case that’s the problem

Hi Tentacles,

Think it might not be completing because the spirals aren’t in the right place. Mine are higher up so they’re above the star, and nearly touch the bottom tips:


Can you do me a favor and put your radians to 270 and see if it still does the same shape or my shape? I believe that is the bug.

I had written in radians to start with, but when I put degreesToRadians(270) in it works fine. The difference between our lines of code is that I’m not starting on the whiteX in the Spiral functions (I seem to remember there’s some guesswork about where to start to make it look like the picture in the hints).


Ah I see the directions are a bit misleading, thank you.

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