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Kithgard Brawl (1) Phyton - Health Potion?


As High level in Kithgard Brawl i dont actually need it in the first few times, but is it possible to collect this Health Potion? Or is it even a potion? It kind of looks like. And for me a Bottle with red water in it is a health Potion.
I am using arrays to find items and enemies. but its rather on of this. No items where found, and i Cant click on it to get the name. Suggestions?


I dont wanna post my code here, its pretty advanced.


It is an item and I find it with self.findItems() (I check for len(items) to see if any items were found).

Can you maybe only post your item-collection-logic here? If not, check each indentation (Python/Coffeescript), brace (JavaScript), …-end (Lua) or whatever (Io/Clojure).
Also check every condition. Speak them out loud, and speak out loud what each else means (don’t say NOT <condition>, but the actual meaning. Look up De Morgan to learn more.).

Reading out loud often makes wrong thoughts obvious. Has something to do with activating different areas of the brain when reading loud compared to reading silent. Don’t nail me on this though.


I will try my best :wink: but to me it looked more like he did not found an item at all, because I but in a “self.say” when he found an Item.


I’m definitely able to find it (And require it with my gear.)
Double check your loop logic and make sure that you don’t just go into full-combat mode and forget about searching for new items appearing.

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Ok, now my hero moves to the potion. This works fine :wink:

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