Level : Danger! Minefield (old levels) problem with detonate

Hello everyone.

First of all, excuse my english, I will do my best.

I encounter some problem with the detonate thing. When I execute it, the griffin rider says “someone has a problem” and the entire code stop.

The same occurs with detonate(6) and only 2 lines of self.say("") below.

I tried to change my detonate function by a self.say(n + " is not a prime") and all work perfectly (except none of the mine are detonated and my hero crash on it).

Here is my code :

def detonate(i):
    self.say('Detonate ' + i + ' !', [i])

coins = self.getItems()

nums = []
for i in range(118):

for i in range(118):
    if nums[i] == 0:
    elif i < 8:
        p = nums[i]
        for j in range(120/p-p):
            nums[(j+p)*p-2] = 0
self.say("Woohoo, safe! Lootin' time!")

coins = self.getItems()

for coin in coins:

Sounds like there’s a problem doing this level in Python. I don’t have an easy way to fix it right now, but if you want to give it a shot, you could try doing it in JavaScript.

Thanks for your answer.