Level: Defence of plainswood

Hey everyone!
The level seems fairly easy you need to put two fences in order to block them from killing the farmers, I succeed in doing that but it still says that I got 3 farmers dead “7/10”, But there is only 6 farmers there.
Did I made a mistake somewhere?

Defence of plainswood level link

My code is fairly simple:

this.buildXY(“fence”, 40, 52);
this.buildXY(“fence”, 40, 23);

Thanks in advance lovely programmers!

Try it again now; I’ve updated the goals and victory conditions to properly count just the peasants. (It was counting the peasants and hero in one place, but the peasants and hero and cows in another place.)

Thank you Nick it is fixed,
Is it all there is? the plainswood is the last level?
I can seem to find who to continue my journey!

We are hard at work making more levels! Stay tuned, and subscribe as an Adventurer to get first access to new levels as they are created: http://codecombat.com/contribute/adventurer