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Level Editor Question: Cloning a Thang?


Is there a way to clone an existing Thang? For example, I create a soldier, tweak it in various ways (add components, remove components, tune components) and then I want to create another soldier with all the same tweaks. Is there a way to cut/paste a new soldier from the existing one (i.e., clone it)? I am hoping there might be some undocumented shortcuts…!


You can make so when you play the level when you program one unit the other units are also programmed the same exact way, but I do not know if you can clone a unit.


You can, although it’s not documented: hold down alt and then click on the unit. The next one you place will be a clone.


Fantastic. Worked like a charm. Thanks!


Where can I find a list of the spells that can be put in the spellbook of a thang? I mean like a documentation of the predefined spells.


Ideally what happens is that each Component has a Property Documentation field specifying all the interesting properties / methods that you might want to use it for, either when writing other Components or configuring the Programmable Component’s programmableProperties:

I actually haven’t written most of this documentation, and it’s currently not easy to browse anywhere, either. But that would be where we would put the documentation. I have GitHub issue open for it:

For now, you could either look at other levels for examples, look through the Components’ code for methods or properties you want to use, or ask me how to do something in particular and I can let you know how to make it happen.