Level Help: CS4 Code Combat Level 23- Mad Maxer, code not working (python)

My code for level 23 on cs4 is not working. Does anyone know what is wrong with it for this level?

I don’t see why your code would not work; could you post a picture of your gear?
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Here is my gear,

Ah, your hero doesn’t have enough health and damage for this level. Try buying some more advanced armor or weapons. Buying the “Ring of Speed” will also help a lot because the enemies on this level are ranged.

I did that and the hero lived a little longer, but then still ended up getting defeated. Are there any specific things I need to get for the hero to pass the level? Could there be a bug? Not sure why the code doesn’t pass this level.

You will need to buy a decent amount of health, with the cleave sword (very low damage) and no speed ring I found you need almost a thousand health. Your code is spot on, but your hero doesn’t have enough strength to kill the enemies.

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Thanks for your help, I passed the level.

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Congrats! :tada: Please mark a comment as the solution to close the topic.

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