Level: Library Tactics

Bugs (python):
line 17: “null” throwing error. Use "None"
line 39 : “!” throwing error. Use "not"
line 41: “self” throwing error. findStrongestTarget() is a function, not a method.
line 47: “self” err. commandSoldier() is a function, not a method.

line 43: why are we calling findFriends?

Great level! Totally fun to figure out and play.

Tried playing it the first time and worked without me writing any code!

The python bugs should be fixed. Also I adjusted the balance so (hopefully) you won’t win with default code.

But the default code is not working:

the glasses we have to use dont support findnextenemy.

hmm, then maybe you are using the wrong “person” to do the finding…