Level testing wanted: Count by Ones and Incremental Learning

I’ve been working on a three level series about the increment operator, and although I don’t have the third part ready yet, I’d love to get some feedback on the first two levels.

Both should have low difficulty. The first level is quite short, while the second level has a lengthy intro.

Thanks for taking a look!

Part 3 is here:

Wow, the second level is like nothing I’ve seen before! We need to get you some more powerful tools, I think. :wink:

I’ll have to give some more detailed feedback later (or ideally someone unfamiliar with incrementing operators can weigh in), but I did notice something on the third level: the API protection breaks it, since it doesn’t let you assign to properties of this. So if you want to play it, use this link:

Hmm, good point on the API protection. Is there a way to get the “Next Level” link at the end of part 2 to have the skip_protect_api=true part?

I could hack something together, but perhaps we can try tweaking the level such that it fits within the API-protected scheme?

Whoops, looks like I got a little sloppy with the programmableProperties list. I believe it should work with API protection now.

Wait, sorry, I misread which level we were talking about.

I think in terms of API protection, it would be much more useful to be able to designate custom properties as being read-only or read-write. Either that or there needs to be some way for local variable values to persist between frames.

Okay, I can see the use case for having writable API properties. Want to open a GitHub issue for it?

Hi Gosnat, I spent some time going through the levels and wrote down some feedback which you can check out here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-hQPsUf_tNpuTKymQ_4aAuNUilV7F5G0JThhzCv7e54/edit?usp=sharing

Overall I’m intrigued by the direction, I don’t think anyone has used the level editor in quite the same way, which is pretty interesting. Hit me up at george@codecombat.com if you’d like to discuss my feedback further or want help implementing some of the improvements I’ve suggested.

Thanks, you’ve got mail.