Logical Path is too hard

How do I figure out this level? Every time I try using Either/Or, a bug warning pops up. Every time I complete it and submit it, it goes wrong.
Here is my code:

# Get two secret true/false values from the wizard.
# Check the guide for notes on how to write logical expressions.
hero.moveXY(14, 24)
secretA = hero.findNearestFriend().getSecretA()
secretB = hero.findNearestFriend().getSecretB()

# If BOTH secretA and secretB are true, take the high path; otherwise, take the low path.
secretC = secretA and secretB
if secretA is False:
    hero.moveXY(20, 15)
    hero.moveXY(20, 33)
if secretB is False:
    hero.moveXY(26, 24)
    hero.moveXY(32, 15)
    hero.moveXY(26, 24)
    hero.moveXY(32, 33)
# If EITHER secretA or secretB is true, take the high path.
If (secretA or secretB):
if secretC is True:
    hero.moveXY(32, 33)
# If secretB is NOT true, take the high path.
    hero.moveXY(50, 24)

Hi @Michael_Joseph, I’ve made a new post on the other topic. Please don’t make two posts in different locations about the same thing. It’s just confusing and it won’t get you help any faster.
I’ll help you solve it on the other topic.
I’ll close this one.

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