Long kithmaze, Stillness in motion, Sand snakes

I got an email about new levels, so I decided to do them :smile:

The “long kithmaze” is trivial, when you know how to “loop:”. I suppose that is the point.

"Stillness in motion"
I started the level with the “simple boots” and the example code relies on “self.moveXY()”, which you get with “leather boots”. It seems unintentional that you are able to start the level with “simple boots”.

Following the comments, I kill all the munchkins, but at the end the throwers appears and the big bad guys start to attack also. I use Anya and have 733 HP which is not enough to survive.

"Sand snakes"
I got worried when I saw all the mines :smile:
Interesting example of looping through list - we are basicly implementing “findNearest” manually.
It starts to get advanced. The help is good, so it is doable.

no more adventuring today :frowning:
Looking forward to next mail.

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The fact that there are adventurer emails is known. Please discuss levels each in their own thread. Other players may search for help in these levels, and that works best if each level is separate. Also there already is a thread for Sand-Snakes.

But thank you for providing feedback.