Long range division problem

this is my code:


I do not know what I’m doing wrong!!

soo annoying!

Say the distance without the quotation marks.
So for the first one:

distance1 = distanceToEnemy/3

When you say the variable, you are saying the value of that variable. When you say a string, you are saying the string. Saying hero.say("second RdistancetoEnemy/3") will make your hero say second RdistancetoEnemy/3.

nope, it still does not work for me.

i do not know what to do i do not know what to do and i do not get what im doing wrong in my work!

@Abelardus i do not know how to do this level but next time please format your code by pressing the </> button in the top left of the response. like this

enemy = hero .findNearestEnemy()

this is just an example. formating your code makes it easier for us to help you

thank you i got to finish the level! thx to both of you guys!

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