Long Road Please Help Me Solve This!

Here is my code in “Long Road”. It works fine, just that I always seem to run out of time or die. I even have the Enameled Dragonplate, the Enameled Dragonplate helmet, Softened Leather Boots and even Deflector, but I still run out of time, or die before I reach the end. Can anybody help me?

function fetchPotions(event) {
    while(true) {
        var item = hero.findNearest(hero.findItems());

while(true) {
    var X = hero.pos.x;
    var health = hero.health;
    if (health < hero.maxHealth/3) {
    else {
        hero.moveXY(X+5.5555555555, 35);

You need to assign “fetchPotions” function on the pet’s event “spawn” (and remove break)

Thank you very much.

Does anyone know more about how to assign “fetchPotions” to the pet’s event to “spawn”? I’m stuck on this as well.

pet.spawn = “fetchPotions()”;

That level is placed after levels which explain it. Have you played them? “Go fetch” “Forest Jogging” “Guard dog”.

I did but I was kind of all over the place before I notice you’ll run into these sort of problems not going in the prompt order lol. Thank you Bryukh! the solution was on one of those levels for anyone having trouble :wink:

Np. As I can see “Forest Jogging” is placed after “Long Road” :frowning:

Hello ;

Is it possible to help us for the same level, but for Python?

The link for our question is:

Thanks for your help

Strangely, we solved it finally !

Thanks for the help.

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