Lost Viking Code Help


What’s Arcane Knowledge?


supposedly completing the level gets you a viking helmet and arcane knowledge. Maybe I solved it wrong and thats why it doesnt think i completed it.


This happened to me, and I just moved to lots of different positions and eventually it worked.
I think it’s just quite specific about where you need to go. :man_shrugging:


can u show me a screenshot of the exact location? that would really help. Thanks


I would love to, but I’m afraid there are a few different maze structures and mine is different, my pos is: {"x": 140, "y": 60} which is definitely not yours. :disappointed_relieved: sorry, I’ll look through the other solutions and see if anyone has the same as you. :grin:
edit, try 155, 39


I meant like where on the skeleton you need to stand like his head, or the feet. Thanks for the help ( :


Also The first set of coordinates sent me into a land mine the second right into a Burl


What I was saying was that the first pos is the end pos I use, and the second is one I thought might work for you from a different solution I had seen that had a similar maze.
I think you need to move to the right of the skeleton.


Ok I will try it. Thank you for the help