Lost Viking - Need a hint for my code

Hello, I’ve been stuck on Lost Viking for a while now, I can’t seem to find out what’s wrong with my code…
I’m also having an issue with the boundary i think, I have to do sideSteps <= 1 instead of sideSteps < 1 otherwise i’ll die much sooner.

Can someone give me a few hints on what i’m doing wrong ? (Please don’t give the full answer)

# You MUST click on the HELP button to see a detailed description of this level!

# The raven will tell you what to use for your maze parameters!
slide = 9
switch = 5
skip = 7

# Used to decide if we're going up or down
goNorth = True

# How many sideSteps north of the Red X you've taken.
sideSteps = 1

# How many steps east of the Red X you've taken.
steps = 1

# Multiply this with steps to determine your X coordinate. DON'T CHANGE THIS!

# Multiply this with sideSteps to determine your Y coordinate. DON'T CHANGE THIS!

# The maze is 35 steps along the X axis.
while steps <= 35:
    # Increment steps and sideSteps as appropriate, taking into account the special rules.
    steps += 1
    #Next sidesteps
    if goNorth:
        sideSteps += 1
        sideSteps -= 1
    if steps % switch == 0:
        if goNorth:
            hero.say("Going south now")
            goNorth = False
            hero.say("Going north now")
            goNorth = True
    if steps % skip == 0:
        hero.say("Double SideStep!")
        if goNorth:
            sideSteps += 1
            sideSteps -= 1
        steps += 1
    # SLIDE
    if sideSteps > slide:
        sideSteps = 1
    elif sideSteps <= 1:
        sideSteps = slide
    #hero.say("Going for Steps #" + steps)
    #hero.say("Going for sideSteps #" + sideSteps)
    hero.moveXY(steps * X_PACE_LENGTH, sideSteps * Y_PACE_LENGTH)

What code are you using?

JavaScript, Python, Coffee script?

I thing its Java but just to be safe?

It’s Python.

I see in your skip section you added a second step. With skip, you sidestep twice, but still only step once.

Also, keep in mind that you want to check your switch before you decide which sidestep you should take. You have all the right pieces, it is just a matter of the order. The only other adjustment I made was changing the elif on the slide to < instead of <=. Of course that may depend on which step you take first.